Branding: Cloudgate Aerial Cinematography

Cloudgate Aerial Cinematography is a Colorado-based company that produces big, beautiful aerial video footage with a camera mounted to a radio-controlled hexacopter. The quality is stunning.

In the initial brand meeting, the client mentioned retro-futurism; i.e. the future as envisioned from the past. They wanted an echo of modern technology but with a certain old-fashioned, trustworthy quality to it. My research took me from mid-America Depression-era gas station signs to movie marquees, plastic toy wing badges to the Jetsons. I finally arrived at a mark that checked all the boxes for the client. Part of the fun of this mark is its ambiguity... depending on the viewer, it can be an antique radio transmitter, the path of a transcontinental jet, or a piece of a Martian spaceship.

To see some of Cloudgate's awesome work, check out