Two Fingers

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Solo Piano, Digital/Synthesized
By Peter Romero
Solo Piano
Ensemble Size: 
Solo Instrument
String Pad
Score Size: 
US Letter (8½" × 11" / 216mm × 279mm)

Ever wonder what it's like to have synesthesia?

One way to describe synesthesia is a "crossing" of senses. There's more to it, of course... but in my case, I have what they call "pitch-color" synesthesia, or "chromesthesia" — meaning I experience colors and textures when I hear musical pitches and timbres. This all happens automatically, without conscious effort and without the aid of mind-altering substances. :)

I wrote "Two Fingers" as the subject of a short film to show how my synesthesia works. In the film, each note is colored according to my own synesthesia (D natural is red, for example). Other synesthetes will say my colors are all wrong, since the experience is different for everyone.

Pitch-color synesthesia is not a simple one-dimensional experience, but a subtly shifting and shimmering image where each note's appearance is affected by its timbre and its relationship to the other notes that are sounding.

The entire piano part to this piece can be played, as the title indicates, using only two fingers... but it's much easier to play it using standard, common-sense piano fingerings.

You can watch the film below.

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Two Fingers 5 $2.00