Liam's Song

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Solo Piano
By Peter Romero
Solo Piano
Ensemble Size: 
Solo Instrument
Score Size: 
US Letter (8½" × 11" / 216mm × 279mm)

Liam's Song was composed in honor of my best friend's high school graduation. When we were in high school and college, Liam and I used to play and compose music together all the time, him on guitar or piano and me on piano or violin. We played at many events in our town, around the state, and in other states. Liam was very often the one writing the songs, getting the gigs, figuring out the logistics, and hauling the equipment. His family was very generous in helping out, too — carting us all over the place with our amplifiers and instrument cases. I owe Liam a lot... he's the brother I never had.

The audio preview of Liam's Song includes a string section. However, please note that the arrangement available for purchase is for the piano part only.

Part Name Pages Price Each Copies
Liam's Song: Piano 6 $5.00