Frequently Asked Questions

Will you ship me printed copies of the sheet music I purchase?

Sheet music is only provided in digital (PDF) format. This allows you to download, view and print your music instantly without having to wait for a shipment. Plus, if you need to make additional copies later, you can sign on immediately and purchase them hassle-free. Hopefully this method will be more convenient than the old-fashioned way.

How do I print my sheet music?

You may either print your own music or send the file(s) to a commercial printer. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print music. Most April Afternoon scores are designed for US letter-sized paper (8½" × 11"). They are meant to be printed double-sided with the first page on the front of the first sheet (see diagram below).

When you print your score from Adobe Reader, make sure to choose "Actual size" or set "Page Scaling" to "None" in the print window (depending on your version of the software). Otherwise, your music may print too small with a wide border. Also, if your printer supports double-sided printing, we recommend enabling this feature (consult your printer's instructions for more information).

Please note that you are only authorized to print the number of copies of the music that you have purchased. If you need to make additional copies, please come back — they're only a click away.

Can I skip printing the title page?

You should print the title page if there is one. If your score includes a title page, it has been added to cause the page turns in the music to fall in optimal places. The title page should be printed on the first side of the first sheet, with the first actual page of music on the back. This will cause the first and second pages of actual music to sit side-by-side when the score is opened up. Don't print the title page on its own single-sided sheet. Omitting the title page to save paper may result in awkward page turns.

Do you offer your sheet music in other sizes/formats; e.g. octavo format or European paper sizes?

April Afternoon scores are optimized for US paper sizes. If you would like to print on another paper size (A4, for example), you can select "Fit to Printer Margins" in Adobe Reader's print dialog box. Your mileage may vary using this method.

How do I obtain rights to record my own performances of your music?

For now, please contact me directly. I'm working on automating this process.

Do you have a CD I can purchase?

Not yet. Maybe one day. :)

Will you compose a piece for my wedding, graduation, choral festival, etc.?

If you are interested in commissioning a piece for your ensemble or event, please contact me. I will be happy to consider your project, but I regret that I cannot accept all commissions.

Do you offer educational or volume discounts on sheet music?

There are no discounts on April Afternoon music at present.

How do I know when the April Afternoon sheet music I have was last updated?

Look at the code in the lower right corner of any page. The final eight digits indicate the date that particular version of the score was updated; for example, 20130723 indicates July 23, 2013 (2013-07-23).

Do you offer free upgrades to sheet music that has been edited since I bought it?

Yes, please contact me and I'll get you squared away. I always want you to have the most recent updates.